Monday, 10 April 2017

Hisense H43M3000 43" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV Review

This is a great TV that comes packed with extras and is extremely good value for money compared to its competition. You can take advantage of both Freeview HD & Freeview Play for catch-up TV. 

Wuaki & Netflix is ready to sign-in amongst other handy apps. 

It handles gaming consoles with unexpected depth and sharpness. The upscaling is quite successful. rich colours.

You have heaps of connectivity with built in wifi, 4 HDMI outputs, 3 USB's, LNB, Scart, HDMI Arc, Ethernet, aerial and much more. It's upscaling is good quality & sound is surprisingly robust even without a sound bar. Looks just as good as any other on the market and belies it's current market price at £379 (AO on 8th April 2017). 

Hisense may be known more for its fridge-freezers than 4K smart TV's but it's certain to make an impact.

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